RSPCA and Blue Cross join forces with new initiatives

RSPCA and Blue Cross join forces with new initiatives

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RSPCA and Blue Cross join forces on a range of new joint initiatives

Two of the UK’s leading animal charities have today announced plans to work more closely together to help pets in need across England and Wales. RSPCA



The organisations will remain independent charities, but with the impact of COVID-19 stretching resources and finances further than ever before, they are looking to identify key opportunities where they can combine forces to make their valuable funds go even further and have a greater impact for animals.

The charities are both committed to the same animal welfare goals and want to be open with supporters and the public about where they are working in partnership to help both pets and people through their complementary services.

Two of the key areas being explored by the charities include purchasing and supplies, where there may be savings to be made through economies of scale and to ensure robust supply chains for food, medicine and other essentials for animals. 

They are also seeking to partner in areas of transport of animals and behaviour services, which will help keep funds in the animal sector and be more environmentally conscious in reducing miles driven to move animals in need.

By joining together in key areas the organisations will be able to provide a wider, more complementary service, such as joining up and working together to care for rescued animals and rehome pets in crisis or in need.

The RSPCA was founded in 1824 and Blue Cross in 1897, but their services are needed now more than ever.  Charity resources are under intense pressure at this time and the deepening financial downturn will see even more demand on these vital services.

Blue Cross CEO, Chris Burghes, said: “We are pleased to share the news of our intentions of several areas to partner on with the RSPCA. It feels that we are on the cusp of something truly exciting to reach more pets, and the people they share their lives with. There is much natural alignment in both our strategies and in areas of the country where we both have a presence, there is opportunity for strong working collaboration for an even greater impact for animals and communities.”

RSPCA CEO, Chris Sherwood, said: The RSPCA is excited to be exploring practical ways we can work with Blue Cross to help us work smarter and better at this difficult time for charities and for animals.

“We hope these talks will lead to collaborations allowing us to help animals more quickly and save money so we can channel our scarce resources to the range of RSPCA’s animal welfare work, including our unique frontline rescue work. 

“We are keen to build strong relationships with charities across the sector so we can all collectively focus our efforts on helping the animals which need us. Strengthening partnerships is central to our new strategy.”


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