'Happy Kitty Blankets' Competition coming to our social media!

'Happy Kitty Blankets' Competition coming to our social media!

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100% cotton cloths that come wrapped around a scent packet - perfect for timid, nervous or aggressive cats.

Currently found only online and in a select few small businesses 'Happy Kitty Blankets' are 100% cotton cloths that come wrapped around a scent packet, packaged in a glass jar. What makes them special is the mixture of dried plants inside the sachet. The unique blend can evoke a varied response, depending on the needs of the cat at that particular moment. 


One customer wrote of their cat who would usually play with his blanket, becoming excited and kitten-like. During a long car journey, the same cat grew distressed and agitated until presented with his blanket, whereon he settled down to sleep. 


Jennifer, who lives in Lancashire with her husband and two young children, initially created Happy Kitty Blankets for rescue cats. She fosters for a Blackpool based cat rescue, Tender Paws. Whilst her main area of expertise is pregnant queens and young kittens; she also works to help highly anxious cats reach good mental and physical health ready for adoption. 


The blankets are used by the rescue to help calm nervous or aggressive cats, as well as coax timid ones. The mixture is intended to appeal to all cats in some way and they can draw from it what they need. There have been cases where cats who don’t respond to catnip have gone loopy over the blankets or a usually anxious cat can sit happily with their blanket despite fireworks going off outside.


Striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible; Happy Kitty blankets are reusable, free of plastics and the scent packet can last up to a year. Refills are available and a portion of all profits goes straight to Tender Paws (Charity No. 1189581).


To find out more, read the reviews, or order one for yourself, go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kittyblankets


Watch out for the competition to win a 'Happy Kitty Blanket' on our social media tonight at 19:00

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