Framed Memories By Laura

Framed Memories By Laura

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Professional Watercolour Artist, Laura Muldoon adopted her love for painting animals and creating art pieces from a very young age. After receiving her very first paint set from relatives she has not looked back. Achieving a BA (Hons) degree in Surface Design, it was years later that Laura decided to take the plunge and change career path from a Primary Teacher to going full- time with her business, ‘Framed Memories by Laura.’ After creating a series of artwork for her son’s nursery; Laura received several commissions for her paintwork with eager pet owners craving an art piece. Many clients have stated that Laura ‘captures the soul as well as the likeness of their pet.’


Laura emphasises, “There is something very therapeutic about painting animals. I take pride in the details and pour love into everything I paint.  I had no intention of starting a business, but things seemed to fall into place and ‘Framed Memories’ began… I feel honoured that my clients come to me for my artwork and I am really excited about what the future holds for my business.”



The artist admits that she is inspired by nature and everyday life, seeking to capture memories in personalised pieces of art. Since starting this venture Laura has had her artwork exhibited at a renowned London Gallery and has had pieces showcased at regular craft fairs and farmer’s markets. The lockdown rules have meant that the regular watercolour classes hosted by Laura has had to stop. The exploration of different techniques is taught to people during these classes which eventually leads to observational painting. However, when restrictions are eased it is hoped that the popular workshops will continue. Unlike portrait artists that require various sittings to capture a subject; Laura works remotely and only requires a digital photograph to work from which clients can easily email through.


Laura explains, “I welcome commissions which give me new and unexpected challenges. Each commission is new and exciting. I love painting from what I can see and feel from my subject. Inspired by the outdoors, everyday life and love; I try to capture memories in personalised pieces of art.”


Please visit the website or the social media platforms to enquire more information. 


(Instagram) @framed_memories_by_laura

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